Ja Saala Times

Ja Saala times is a is not a blog. It is a way of life. In case you are curious read it in detail here – What is Ja Saala?

The posts you see here range from rib tickling satire to deep philosophy, irony to reality,somewhere to nowhere.

Needless to say, read at your own risk. Please be ware all writing have cryptic meanings.

Missing lines may well augment of your state of confusion.

Each major category has a drop down, so look for latest posts on them.Typicaly the last entry under each heading is the latest post or last post.

The objective is to make you realize the Ja Saala effect.

Ja-Saala enjoy.

PS – all typos and grammatical errors are deliberate.

PSST – Read all disclaimers before reading further.

Your Thoughts?

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