So what if you did not get to drive the BMW or merc at the end of it all ?

So what, if you did drive a BMW or a merc? Then what?

So what, if you did not get to buy the multi-million dollar villa on top of the hill?

So what if you did?

The rat race never ends – some even call it ambition.

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2 thoughts on “Planning

  1. The ultimate goal really is happiness. You admitted it yourself. Some of us would be happier without the rat race, some of us are happiest pursuing it and others are happiest at the end.

    • That ultimate happiness is a misnomer you see – it never comes, it never has – just like in differential calculus, admitted a crude comparison, x tends to zero – but x is never equal to zero, if you know what I mean.

      ultimate happiness is reaching inifinity – which is at least till now not possible.In which case,you will have to make a conscious choice to stay contended at some point at some level of attainment.

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