My Competitive Friend

In the race to win – people often leave behind friends,relationships,and all those immaterial things only to realize later in life that they were the only things to live for.

Today’s world of competition is a strange paradox in itself.On one hand you have the immaterial – and on the other material,tangible and real. How do you chose which is the right one? And what if you are competing with your brother? your friend? your spouse? How do you then handle such a situation?

Read all about it here.



One thought on “My Competitive Friend

  1. Hi GB,

    Had seen the comments posted at my blog – Inside Sales in India is directed outward; so we still do not feel it presence. Some companies are using it, but the practice is not widespread yet. Your comment was a reminder, though, for me to investigate the subject further.

    I have only started exploring your blog – enjoyed the posts.

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