Traffic Culture – Idiots Guide to Driving in India

Self explanatory title. This article gives you an idea on what to expect while driving in India.This will make you more aware of the traffic culture.IT will better equip you to understand the not so subtle nuances for driving in India.Having said that, it is also a guide to make you realise how difficult it is to manage such a huge volume and how in spite of the logjam, the country still keeps pace with time.

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4 thoughts on “Traffic Culture – Idiots Guide to Driving in India

  1. India is the only country we have visited where we didn’t drive at all. It is terrifying. And crossing the streets where pedestrians have no rights and cars and especially rickshaws and bikes are coming and going in all directions? We just rickshawed everywhere…I hope you will check -out my blog mostly about my four months in incredible India! Namaste. . .Anne

    • Annetbell – thanks for the comment. While I agree it is terrifying,specially for a foreigner unfamiliar with the situation, its also a place where you see great paradoxes. On one had there is utter chaos,and on the other a miracle where eventually everyone gets to where they need to,that too in time , thanks to shortcuts and workarounds. Which is exactly why it is indeed an incredible India.

      Will certainly visit your blog and would like to interact more. Namaste. GB

      • Oh , of course you are correct. We saw or were involved in numerous fender benders. Two of the girls helped a woman up after her motor bike was hit and topped. She got up , brushed herself off and drove away. The car driver just shrugged! It is a miracle that driving system or lack there of., that people do survived and get where they are going. There are lots of things that cause it to be incredible India! I hope to hear from you …namaste. . . .Anne

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