Reality Check @16

If you could time travel  and meet your 16 year old self, what could you possibly say that would make sense to him or her? So much has changed,that it almost seems impossible to share any guidance that would make sense so many years ago.

But if I had to, then here are a few observations that would perhaps still hold true back then.

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The Average Joe

In this day and age, where does the average Joe stand ? Is he expected to buckle up like all the other supermen or is he expected to fade away into oblivion? When the great speakers advocate follow your heart and the average Joe believes that and tries to implement those thoughts at his workplace, more often than not, it backfires.

So what should be the right foot forward ?

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After End of the world.

So what happens after December 21st 2012? The scene reminds me of the movie I am Legend. What if you did survive the apocalypse.?

What if it never happened?  Imagine the plight of  all those people who cried wolf – will have to hide some place near the poles.

So let me take you through the journey after the end of the world.Lets walk on to the other side and see what happens.

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