Information Fatigue

2.5 Quintilian bytes of data is being generated per day.Information is exploding everyday, and we are doubling this every minute,you can’t run, neither can you hide from the effects of this data explosion. It will find you wherever you are on the planet , because the planet is running on this data fuel.

Ever wondered what it does to your mind?

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Think Ahead

Sometimes, you need to zoom out of your life and see some of the trends around you that can potentially change the course of your life. Every 8 or 10 years there is a downturn, followed by a good run from a global economy standpoint.  The last one was in 2008 and it’s about time you brace up mentally and prepare well to tide over.

When the going gets tough, make the most of it.

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Year 2033

Jotting down a list things we do today, in general in our daily lives….to view them later in the year will be a fun comparison then and also act as a reminder how I saw the world today.It will also be like an almanac in fact.

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Ready for Success?

This article is inspired by my 17 seconds of interaction with Amitabh Bachchan at the India Today  #Conclave14 meet at New Delhi. As he walked out of the hotel,a sea of people surrounded him, just to say a word,or to touch him or hear him speak and for some of us, just to look and check if he’s for real !

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Area 51 – A Rational View

If aliens were in town, you could be sure that would’ve been on the Oprah Winfrey show by now and not hiding in a remote underground bunker in Area 51! The disclosure or acknowledgement of the existence is not an a-ha moment for most of us and for those few who did have an aha moment, they have  a lot of Youtube footage to catchup.

What difference does it make to your life if there was an Area 51 or not? Or whether it really made a difference to your Monday morning ride to work? Or your evening stroll to the bar? Zilch.

So lets get on with life till it comes back with a new definition…as X files suggested..the Truth is out there….

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After End of the world.

So what happens after December 21st 2012? The scene reminds me of the movie I am Legend. What if you did survive the apocalypse.?

What if it never happened?  Imagine the plight of  all those people who cried wolf – will have to hide some place near the poles.

So let me take you through the journey after the end of the world.Lets walk on to the other side and see what happens.

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