The WhatsApp Constitution

100 messages and nothing to talk. 50 forwards and nothing to see. 40 Video downloads to delete , 30 good morning messages  to ignore, 20 jokes to filter, 10 random motivational links to yawn and  0 interactions with 100 people connected.

So, one day if you decide to change all that, and have a real conversation, what happens?

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Reality Check @16

If you could time travel  and meet your 16 year old self, what could you possibly say that would make sense to him or her? So much has changed,that it almost seems impossible to share any guidance that would make sense so many years ago.

But if I had to, then here are a few observations that would perhaps still hold true back then.

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If its in your blood then why not in your attitude?  Everyone talking about being positive, but those who go through hell say it is impossible to stay positive when everything around you is going wrong. Easier said than done.  on the other hand some people want to be positive but don’t know how.

So here is a break-down on how to stay positive mentally in the face of adversity.

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Show me the way or take me away..

How do you keep on going ,
when you don’t see the light ahead,
how do you keep on living,
when an innocent tear is shed.

How do you keep on smiling,
when your heart is bleeding,
How do you keep on being positive,
when peace has taken a sedative.

How do you not give up,
when things are not looking up,
how do you keep fighting,
when your life is approaching the evening.

If there is one above,
this is the time to show your love,
keep the spirit on a roll,
or take out the burning soul.
show me the way,
or take me away…


No I am not posting about Michael….

It just struck me – to create a series of jots.Something like a random post merely to jot down whats inside the mind..don’t think it would make sense to most people..but I do know that many do have these thoughts running amok inside their brains….and No this is not a disclaimer for a non-nonsensical post.

Gyanbyte #1

Sometimes in life when you want something badly but don’t get it…how does it feel?
How long does it feel bad ? What is it that you are willing to do to get it ? What are the limits you are willing to stretch the barriers willing to break?

These questions bother me because I see a sense of duality in this.Someone’s determination is someones craziness.Someone’s focus is someone’s one track mind.
what is right and what is wrong? We tend to follow only what we are taught.only what we see in our society ,only around our limited environments.What if someday you realize that all that was taught to you was baseless and you have a whole new perspective to life.

Would you be able to handle it ? would you be able to unlearn and relearn all the basics again.? I am guessing not.What then is the consequence of such an action? What happens when you break the norm? Break the rules? break free? Are you liberated truly? Or are you just trying to rebel and prove a point? Or take a stance which could later turn out to be a wrong one?

What then is the true path?