Notes on Money

Good money, bad money, white money, black money, blood money,terror money, dowry money, legal money, aid money, donation money, honey’s money, lost money, found money, fake money and now demonetized money! They say the more you have it, the lesser you sleep, but the lesser you have , the more you long for it

Some sections of the media, paid media, working for corrupt politicians, some pseudo intellectuals endorsing cuckoo politicians, black money hoarders, form a heady mix and give rise to a huge confusion to the common man or woman.

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Deep set eyes, rimless frames, salt and pepper hair, and a smug look.

Meet the specialist. Dr. Attitude.

Specialist with a special attitude strutting around with their nozzles  in the air. They look through you, they don’t listen much and then they strut off to their smug block. And you are left thinking, what do you say to Dr. Attitude?

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Ready for Success?

This article is inspired by my 17 seconds of interaction with Amitabh Bachchan at the India Today  #Conclave14 meet at New Delhi. As he walked out of the hotel,a sea of people surrounded him, just to say a word,or to touch him or hear him speak and for some of us, just to look and check if he’s for real !

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Golden Spoon

So are you or were you born with a Golden Spoon?  Or were you a Poor Joe? Chances are you are among the many who did not have any spoon at all.You had make one for yourself! As if that wasnt hard enough, you now have the Golden Spoon-ers  doing even better than they did before.

So where does that leave the Poor Joe in this mad competitive capitalistic jungle?

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Cheers GB