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Today’s post is for all those people around the world who react to Indian movies on YouTube. The last couple of years there’s been an explosion of reaction videos on YouTube. Especially foreigners reacting to Indian movies. However, I notice majority of these reactions are quite off the mark, for no fault theirs own, simply because they have either a limited view on the background of Indian movies or do not understand the underlying nuances.

So if you are reacting to Indian movies for the first time, or even if you have been for a long time, these few tips might give you some insights which could come handy for your next reaction.

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Paresh Rawal questions why an article ends with a question mark instead of a full stop? The answer is simple , when a narrative is in doubt, it presents itself with a “could-it-be possible” narrative, while the finality of it all arrives, when it is backed by facts and it becomes a statement.

There is a difference between creating a gripping true to life biopic and an entertaining movie which pleases the masses. Sanju tilts more towards the latter, a good entertaining movie, but not such a great biopic.

Is that even possible? They did make a movie! It’s a good movie.

Sanju ? ! .

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Dunkirk : A View

Yes, its true, Dunkirk is a World War II epic. Gut -wrenching, suffocating, real-life depiction of the pain, fear, anguish and frustration of the horrors of war. But you died a hundred times with Schindlers List as well, and cringed with the Inglorious Basterds, cried listening to the Pianist, rooted for the Great Escape, yet admired Catch 22 ‘s irony  and whistled  with the soldiers crossing over  Bridge on the river Kwai, but your heart sank to see Life is Beautiful.

So what’s new with Dunkirk?

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The Great Indian Flimsy Awards

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Great Indian Flimsy awards. A show which will leave you gasping for sanity, breathless for brazen humor, gripping nepotism , song and dance sequences which outnumber the total awards ! Outstanding performances, looped reactions for special television audience. Watch it till you can…

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Jagga Jasoos : A View

Think of a fairly tale come alive. Exotic locales, picture perfect long shots and a light weight feel good musical. It has adventure, think Shikari Shambhu, it has emotion , think Tinkle, it has humor, think Suppandi. I ‘ve chosen only Indian comic book references, but I guess you get the drift. Tintin, Sherlock Holmes would be similar references from the western world.

But to understand the lyrical narrative style, you need to watch Chicago, or closer home a movie called Thoda Sa Roomani Ho Jayen. No connection in plot or class, but just the musical style of story-telling is what is common.

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Rangoon – A View

When Hunterwaali meets Casablanca, when Ingrid meets Kangana,when Bogart meets Saif you know you are in for trouble.Yet you hope because of a name Vishaal Bardwaj. But like the say, sometimes in life, things don’t add up even if you are doing the math right. Rangoon is a movie which had all the elements of greatness, yet failed to touch a single chord throughout its duration. Find out why?

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Raees – A View

Call me biased if you will, but will there ever be a better Vijay Dinanath Chauhan than Amitabh Bachchan ? A better Don than Amitabh Bachchan?

No. There won’t , period.

With that out of the way, Raees, is a bold , could’ve been good, absurd and confusing movie. It greatly reflects on the mindset, and handle on the craft, of Mr.Dholakia, the writer and director , of would you believe it-Parzania? A National Award winning movie. Perhaps sums up why the disappointment is high.

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Dear Zindagi – A View

There is a reason why some of the movie characters remain lodged in our hearts long after the movie is over. Characters like Anand, Jai, Raj, Radha, Raju Guide, remain etched in our memory from yester years. In recent times, you’d have to include Datto,Rani, Rancho,Ishaan Awasthi to name a few.

So where does Dear Zindagi’s Kaira fit in?

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Ae Dil Hai Mushkil – A view

Karan Johar’s swang song, labour of love, raison de etre, was more of a baap-re, ignite the shove the love and run along, for some.Much awaited, long anticipated left me much irritated, long agitated.

In a  way, that is a compliment because the expectations were well raised and the chemistry well praised.It was all poised to leave you with an epic feeling, instead you feel the need to leave the theater without hitting the ceiling.

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Bajrangi Bhaijaan – Movie Review

One would typically associate a reasonably sensible movie,emotional content and strong social messaging, from an Aamir Khan movie, but lo and behold this is Salman Khan pulling off an Aamir Khan. Also note above that this is not really a review its more like a view – so no spoilers in this.

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Bombay Velvet – Movie Review

Sometimes,and there are times, when a dream team fails to create magic. Bombay Velvet wants to be the big shot, but sadly ends up being the average commoner. Stitching together great visual sequences,sometimes doesnt add up to a compelling storyline. Anurag Kashyap’s crossover (?) to gloss slips on the tiles.

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Piku : Motion Picture Review

Piku.  It could be a sound, but its actually a name. director Shoojit Sircar/Juhi Chaturvedi’s previous offering was spectacular, remember Vicky Donor – a movie where they got almost everything right. While Piku the movie  is constipated – so near,yet so far. A motion picture…quite literally,It had all the signs of a good movie but flatters to deceive.

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Mary Kom – Movie Review

When we think of sporting movies that made a mark you think of Seabiscuit, The greatest game ever played,Miracle but what separates the wheat from the chaff are movies like Raging Bull.In Indian cinema we do not have great sports movies barring a few exceptions like Iqbal or the more commercial Chak De. When compared to them Mary Kom is right up there with the best.

A movie which captures many facets, a true story of grit and determination, of a woman athlete in India, a part of India largely ignored- Manipur,and Boxing a lesser preferred sport in the Cricket crazy country. A movie about a 4 time world champion which no one ,until now , ever spoke or know about. Would recommend it as a must watch.

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Talaash -Movie Review

Director Reema Kagti’s second venture is about a psychological thriller , errm  emotional drama, errm revenge saga, murder mystrey … a movie which couldve been made better. There are lots of plots,sub plots, angles and tangles -to know the deep dark secrets  – Read it here.



Vicky Donor

Be honest, how many times would you think that a movie about a sperm donor and 53 kids is going be actually sensitive and heart felt.?

You would imagine it might be a corny over the top the  crude humor kinds? But that’s exactly what Vicky Donor is not.

A  brilliant script and superb editing/direction and acting has made this movie into a totally wonderful viewing experience.

The concept is new on the Indian film Industry circuit and it s treatment even better.

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Don2 watch it !

SRK ki movies dekhna mushkil hi nahi balki ab toh na-kabil-e-bardasht ho gayin hai.!

After much anticipation Don2 hit the screens last Friday, and instead getting a ripper, we,the audience, come out with a feeling of being ripped off.

Don2 screams of a wanna be action thriller, with glitter glamour and much more but how does it pan out ?

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