United In tolerance

Turns out that there is far lesser tolerance, to debate about tolerance! Strange are the ways a country unites to address intolerance.

Any country swayed by emotions than reason, by opinions than objectivity always has chaos as its best friend. Yet united we stand and divided we fall in agreement or disagreement.

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The Average Joe

In this day and age, where does the average Joe stand ? Is he expected to buckle up like all the other supermen or is he expected to fade away into oblivion? When the great speakers advocate follow your heart and the average Joe believes that and tries to implement those thoughts at his workplace, more often than not, it backfires.

So what should be the right foot forward ?

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Best Blog Misnomer

How many times have you wondered if the blog you just read is nothing but  a load of crap?

How many times it has left you dumbstruck to notice how such content gets such tremendous popularity?

How many times have you felt that your blog deserves to be right up there…..if only you had better readership.?

So the question we are addressing today is there something which we can universally call a top blog?

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