Breaking News : Peace Alert

People around the world are working at their piece. But are they  thinking of making these diverse pieces work together for an unified peace? Because if there is no peace, then each of the individual pieces will not work either. Zero sum game. We’ve reached a stage where a news report about something good and positive will become a breaking news alert instead of it being a way of life.

Let us join hands to celebrate a world #ceasefire day.  And this is not just for guns, but for anger, in mind and body.

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Hope Stress

Is hope stressing you out this new year? Are you leading a life hoping that magic will happen someday? Are you mixing up being hopeful with expectations of a perfect result? What are you going to change to make hope a more relaxing experience?

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Notes on Money

Good money, bad money, white money, black money, blood money,terror money, dowry money, legal money, aid money, donation money, honey’s money, lost money, found money, fake money and now demonetized money! They say the more you have it, the lesser you sleep, but the lesser you have , the more you long for it

Some sections of the media, paid media, working for corrupt politicians, some pseudo intellectuals endorsing cuckoo politicians, black money hoarders, form a heady mix and give rise to a huge confusion to the common man or woman.

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Reality Check @16

If you could time travel  and meet your 16 year old self, what could you possibly say that would make sense to him or her? So much has changed,that it almost seems impossible to share any guidance that would make sense so many years ago.

But if I had to, then here are a few observations that would perhaps still hold true back then.

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Kolkata Durga-Puja Festival


If you ever thought  that wood chips and flakes were worth nothing,think again.An entire temple-set can be constructed with these shredded nothings! Such is the brilliance of these artisans who surface each year to showcase their handcrafted idols during the auspicious Durga-Puja festival.

This a hugely under-marketed, under-advertised festival globally, that if done properly, it could attract at least three times the number of all tourists visiting the Brazilian carnival!

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Condemning Dichotomy

The irrationality of a  full scale war has been the best detrrent. So now that we are used to terror attacks, we are getting great at condemning these attacks…by doing nothing. We are getting super tolerant. Super resistant.That we have prevented a full scale war.

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