Case of Perception vs Talwars

The corrupt politician and the  lazy government servant, the conniving lawyer and the biased officer, the perverted boss and the proverbial night worker, the bitchy daughter in law and evil mother in law. The chauvinistic son and the dominating mother, the characterless artist and the hypocritical socialite, the patriarchal father and arrogant daughter, the dirty janitor and the frugal lender, the ruthless competitor and the office politician, the drunk driver and the brat rich kid, the arrogant star how conniving they are…so look around carefully, you are everywhere.

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Ready for Success?

This article is inspired by my 17 seconds of interaction with Amitabh Bachchan at the India Today  #Conclave14 meet at New Delhi. As he walked out of the hotel,a sea of people surrounded him, just to say a word,or to touch him or hear him speak and for some of us, just to look and check if he’s for real !

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LET : Lame Excuses Truly

Monday morning is here and some of us wont turn up for work.Some of us who are at work will hear the LET’s. I have a headache, wont be in today, I have a stomach problem,cant make it today or the best or worst  – there has been a death in the family. And you are left wondering what to do how to react?You gut feeling tells you that they are bullshitting big time.

And then you go back in the not so distant past and realise you had some gems of your own.

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True Lies

Every lie has a moment of truth in it.

How many times in your life a truth has become a lie and a lie eventually become a truth ?

Has it ever occured to you why this happens? Or  what makes this happen?

Victory and defeat, glory and shame all could have their roles reversed if the outcomes were the opposites.

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Best Blog Misnomer

How many times have you wondered if the blog you just read is nothing but  a load of crap?

How many times it has left you dumbstruck to notice how such content gets such tremendous popularity?

How many times have you felt that your blog deserves to be right up there…..if only you had better readership.?

So the question we are addressing today is there something which we can universally call a top blog?

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It’s a God Plan..

God is the project manager from an alien civilization,
he was entrusted to sow the seeds of evolution,
he kick started the earth project,
each day for 7 subjects,

His appraisals soared as he created project man,
He was given team leads to further plan,
Team leads came to earth
To make man know his worth,

Team leads set the ball rolling,
and went back without falling,
Man went into self destruct mode,
there must be something wrong with the code,

now it’s time to re boot,
and man gives two hoot,
some still pray
That maybe He will show us the way…