From the formal  aren’t you looking great today? or What a wonderful tie that is sir? to the more informal you rock or you re so wild.

Compliments are flying out everyday,everywhere in every form of its existence. So lets talk about what happens when we dont compliment?

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Blogadda’s Tangy Pick


Housework Officework

How many times have you debated your situation with your pattern on which is more valuable ? Which is more critical ? Which is more indispensable ? The debate between whether house work is more important or office work is more important rages on even today.

Here’s a chance for you to vote first and see what the trend is – and then go on read the post here to decide for your self and see if you would vote any differently?







Yes we have been CAPTCHA-erd.!

They are everywhere, on every blog on every link  and upload.

What if some day it steps out of the virtual world and enters the real world.

Find out about the CAPTCHA world here.




They will remind you of their power and glory,
drill in their superiority story,
wonders of achievement and challenges overcome,
so much work done and so much to come,

The idea is to be sharp they say,
to be smarter in every way,
and the ones you aren’t
are the things that weren’t

Where have all the simpletons gone?
or are they a bleeding result of the sharpness overdone ?
There still lies a charm in the Holy mistake,
else you could eat and have your cake !