Logic vs. Belief

If someone told you in the year 1960 – that man would land on the moon in less than a decade – what would you say? Was it was somebody’s belief that it would happen or someones logic that it could happen.?

What do we do when we are under stress ? What to do we follow Logic or Belief?

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Proximity Sensor

Once a good friend always a good friend? Most of us have had great friends in the past, and we often drift into nostalgia about how good were those days.

Most of us have lost that good friend somewhere in the pages of history.

We have moved on for better or worse, but those memories stay locked somewhere all our lives.

So this post is about preserving a relationship -in this case  a good friendship.

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License to Arrogance

Picture that moment when that school bully pushed you down, or that college stud who whisked away your girl, or that irate boss who gave you a mouthful in front of your colleagues, or that junior who showed attitude and walked away…the moments are endless right through our lives., but those moments where you could give it right back at the right time with the maximum impact comes either to only those with the gift of the gab or extremely lucky people.For the rest of the mere mortals, they grudge,grumble, and mumble and swallow it inside and move on.

So what stops you from giving it back? Consequences. Right?

So imagine a day when you could give it all back without having to worry about it. You were granted to the right to be arrogant.

What would you do ?

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Happiness Quotient

In reality, morning ….never shows the day!

So on a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate your happiness? How would you rate your sadness?

How would you rate your indifference? The funny thing connecting the dots here, is time.Each of these facets are

time bound.So what you see now could be a lot different tomorrow.

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My Competitive Friend

In the race to win – people often leave behind friends,relationships,and all those immaterial things only to realize later in life that they were the only things to live for.

Today’s world of competition is a strange paradox in itself.On one hand you have the immaterial – and on the other material,tangible and real. How do you chose which is the right one? And what if you are competing with your brother? your friend? your spouse? How do you then handle such a situation?

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Bad Memories

How does one deal with  a bad memory ? Do you deal with it head on? Do you ignore or does it take the better of you?

Does your future get governed by the past? If you have not really found the answers to these questions, rest assured

you re with the majority of people in this world.Yet we need to strive to figure it out.Read how we can probably

begin to deal with bad memories here.




2nd Chance

Many-a-times we sit back and think – if I had this… or If I could do that…. or If I only knew before…

These sentences or thoughts occupy our lives on a daily basis.And often the conclusion is – if only I had a second chance…

What if life did give you a second chance?  Would you take it?

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