Indian Cricket – 10 Questions

10 questions every Indian Cricket fan should ask.

The difference between victory and defeat lies in that moment of truth , whether you let  go or hang in there for one more second. Fighting each moment of truth inches you close towards winning the war.

Unfortunately, in this England series we lost many such moments and a 1-4 scoreline is written in history forever.We made champions of débutantes and heroes of old war horses, in conditions which were similar to our backyard.

Its time to ask tough questions : here are 10 of them, which Cricket lovers across the country should ask the team.

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Consistent Champ or Comeback Kid?

Lasse Viren fell down running the Olympic 10,000 meter final at the Munich games, and then went on to win a world record. Ben Ainslie won the America’s cup coming back from a huge deficit. Dennis Taylor came back to beat Steve Davis. India beat Australia after following on in the 2001 series. Tom Brady’s Patriots came back from a massive deficit to win NFL!

World just loves comebacks, but spare a thought for the consistent champions, who is rooting for them? Who is rooting for consistency and design ?

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Cricket Moving

Twenty percent of the world watches Cricket today, that is more than 1.5Bn people. This explosion of new audience has come by way of making the game more reachable to the masses.

To make it more reachable, it has simplified the sport on hand, and made it more lucrative on the other. This poses the question, whether the sport is being compromised to reach more audiences or are the audiences maturing up to understand the nuances of the game?

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Olympics & Sachin


Just like Sachin is  to Cricket, Cricket is to other sports in the country. Everyone focuses only or mostly on Cricket , and once in 4 years when Olympics come along, the nation wakes up to lesser mortals and their stories of  struggles and survivals.

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Sach is Life

The tag line – No games only sports applies to this man. The Kabir couplet “aisi karni kar chalo, tum hanson aur jag roye ( do something so good that you smile while you go, and people miss you and cry for you)  – when was the last time you read a tribute about a sportsperson without talking about a single achievement on the field , instead just talk about the person alone? This is but a small tribute to a small -tall man called Sachin Tendulkar!

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Will Willow Wall

“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.” ~Mahatma Gandhi

Who better to define,epitomise this quote other than Rahul Dravid.?

In the age of quick fixes & instant gratification,he is an oxymoron.

In times of loudness, noise and cacophony of wants,he is the epitome of subtlety.

In expressions of rage, outburst,gesture and posture, he is an image of resolve.

His contribution to Indian cricket, and the game of Cricket around the world is undoubted and yet understated.Just like he wants ,perhaps.

In my own small humble way, I’d like to dedicate a few lines to a hero of my generation Rahul Dravid.

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Inheritance of a loss

“If you only have a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail” – Maslow

Each passing loss of the Indian cricket team, the administrators are making the same mistake over and over again. Someday the BCCI will realise the power of people which has hitherto worked for them,to make the richest sporting body after perhaps FIFA, can also be the reason for their downfall. The loss will not only bring a roaring business to its knees, but also mess with the morals of an entire generation of cricket lovers.

If not – then we continue to inherit one losing team after the other.

So how do you stop this inheritance of loss ?

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Image ~ India

When was the last time you saw a neutral international coverage of India in the eyes of the world media?  It always seems to me that even though we do a good job it is always followed with a ” but” – or a back handed compliment.

the recent commonwealth games opening ceremony is one such example.

This is an appeal to the world media to showcase both sides of the story.

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Jai Hind.!

CWG – We are like this only.

While we go berserk pulling down every angle and aspect of CWG..somewhere we need to start looking inside and see is it just the administrators who have messed up the whole thing or is it largely due to the fact, the way we ,as regular people, lead our lives.?

Are we ready to look beyond our internal problems to start focusing externally?

Is there a connection ? Find out here.


It is very sad that these kind of incidents happen.It is absolutely disgusting to know what you thought to be a sport fought by brave men for riding high on national pride it but merely a farce. It is sad this incident happened – even if at a later stage all of this is hushed up or “amicably” resolved.

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