Manali Trance


Every once in a while you thank your five senses to be alive and working just fine.And then you go on to thank your God for allowing you to experience Manali in its glory. Snow capped mountains on either side and a quiet little house in the middle of the valley, and you think who needs to go to Switzerland?

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The Himalayan Village

Sometimes the camera fails to capture the beauty viewed by the naked eye.

25kms off  Kullu, situated near the banks of the turquoise blue Parbati river ,surrounded by snow capped peaks is The Himalayan Village.A quick guide to the resort, the travel, the expenses and the over all experience.

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The Silent Trail

The Silent Trail should be renamed Serendipitous Sanctuary! A spectacular gem hidden in the hills.

This is a detailed account on The Silent Trail , in Jilling Estate, Nainital. India. It captures, the review on travel, accommodation, cuisine and my personal observations. You can use this as a reference material or research material should you plan your vacation to the same destination. Having said that things change quickly, so I would encourage you to do your own homework before you plan.Please also note and remember that these details are personal point of view -it may vary from people to people.

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Sexually Harrased India

The recent article in CNN about how an American woman got groped,masturbated at, stared and filmed on her visit to India has raked up 800,000 views. The question here is  -what perception does it trigger about  a first time traveller to India ?

Here is an objective article articulating how to look at the situation in India, what to believe and what to dismiss, a view on things to keep in mind and more importantly what how to have a neutral view of the situation.

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Traffic Culture – Idiots Guide to Driving in India

Self explanatory title. This article gives you an idea on what to expect while driving in India.This will make you more aware of the traffic culture.IT will better equip you to understand the not so subtle nuances for driving in India.Having said that, it is also a guide to make you realise how difficult it is to manage such a huge volume and how in spite of the logjam, the country still keeps pace with time.

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The Windflower, Bandipur.


If beep, ting, message recived,blip, tring tring,you’ve got mail,network coverage,breaking news…….mean a burden to you then you should try visiting  a pristine no connectivity zone.!

This place is perfect for the “i want to getaway from it all” and spend quality time with me,myself and anonimity kind of people. Or if you are going with your family, then this is the place where they can never complain that you are too busy with work!

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