From the formal  aren’t you looking great today? or What a wonderful tie that is sir? to the more informal you rock or you re so wild.

Compliments are flying out everyday,everywhere in every form of its existence. So lets talk about what happens when we dont compliment?

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Blogadda’s Tangy Pick


No Resolutions

How many times have you broken your resolutions in the year gone by? Have you ever thought why ? Have you ever thought why you could not sustain that resolve?

The answer is simple – the more you think about executing an idea – the lesser chances of you executing and sustaining it. So this year Just do it. Go ahead and make no resolutions

but just actions…here’s how – Read it all here.

Happy New Year!




In the Ek.Titli contest we were asked to write about 10 innovative ways of going green.

Then I thought as much as we would like to go green, we never really sustain this intent.

So what will make this movement not a project but a way of life?

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Remember the times when you sat in the 3 tier compartment wishing you got the window seat?

Remember the sight of the engine leading the long winding train from the S10 coach?

Remember the parallel tracks that reminded you of life passing by?

Remember the stations and the “garam chai” stalls ?

Remember the large family sitting across you ?

Where have those simple joys gone ?

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16th August.

What does Independence day mean to you tomorrow ?

Ask yourselves in your busy lives what does or what will Independence day mean  to you tomorrow. ? Read all about how we could make a difference to our country without taking it for granted here.

Jai Hind!