Well the fact that you clicked this page it could be because of two reasons :

  1. You have a question/questions.
  2. You have an answer/answers.

Either way, you are welcome.Ja Saala welcomes all who share and care for fellow colleagues.!

Here is the blueprint of this forum –

A reader asks a question, categories it,and fellow readers answer it.

Give you an example.

  • Category – Boss
    • Query – I don’t like my boss,how do you suggest I handle him.


  1. you don’t need to like your boss, you ve just got to work with him.
  2. you can quit.
  3. find the root cause.

or if the question is more detailed, then one can expect a detailed answer.But the central idea or essence is to keep it simple. FAQ like question answers, eventually leading to a massive repository of Q & A which all mankind office kind can benefit.You see the ultimate goal is to have no question left unanswered or unexplored. You should have open and free access to all that there is to know about the corporate world. In the process build a community of like minded gyani’s who do better at work, and in life.

Is there a guarantee the answers will help?


Come to think of it – no one can guarantee about anything in life..just too many the idea is to keep trying..trial and error method.I am guessing there will be newer answers found to newer questions, we will just have to keep ticking the ones already visited.Sometimes, the answers might backfire, or sometimes hit the bulls eye.If it hits bulls eye, freeze that answer as a benchmark for that particular situation…till it is proven wrong.

Am I qualified to answer ?

That’s up to you to decide.

If you think the  answers don’t make sense, opt out.No love lost. You see I could have given you a long list of experiences,qualifications or expertise…but that would still not be decisive…and it kind of defeats the purpose of Ja Saala. You see for every feature you can give me a counter feature, but in that process we lose the simplicity of it all.People trying to help people by sharing.

So it does not or should not matter to you if the answer to your query comes from a research analyst or simple accountant, an ngo worker or an IT manager ,as long as it makes sense to you. Having said that, you ll see Ja Saala maintains a high degree of filtering.No irrelevant posts will be entertained.More than happy to keep an issue unresolved, rather than posting meaningless answers.

For those who care to answer here are some guidelines –

  • Provide implementable, easily executable answers.
  • Provide answers only if you have first hand knowledge.
  • Be careful of what you say – someone’s career is at stake.
  • If you re not patient – please don’t answer.
  • If you re not sensitive to someones problem – don’t poke fun.
  • Keep answers the point, and backed with an example.
  • No hard feelings – if your answer is not the best one.or the most accepted one.

If the answer backfires.

  • Check it under work in progress
  • Retry.Re approach.Re strategies…of course only if you wish to.If not, you are free to do as you please.
  • Needless to say you can’t sue Ja Saala or it s author,or any of the readers for this.
  • You are here out of your own free will and choice and can leave if you do not like what is being suggested.
  • This place is not for personal attacks.It kind of defeats the purpose isn’ it? So any such instigation will be moderated and or blocked out.
  • This list is not it will keep appending.

So please take it in the right spirit,see if you can help someone, or take advise from people who are going through or have gone through similar situations in the past.Make it work for you.

So with that, let me introduce the popular categories for you.You can click these links and post questions or view answers.

Again this is not an exhaustive category list, as we gain momentum we might edit add delete categories as the case maybe.

Please click on these pages and feel free to post questions and answers.For starters i have put some simple questions and linked the answers to some of the posts I have written earlier.

With that – I hope this forum can truly help people become better in what they are already doing well.



Your Thoughts?

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