20/20 Temptations

It’s 2018 almost for everyone, and you have a slew of temptations right now, don’t you? The first temptation is to make resolutions. You are tempted right on day one, to make a fresh start,  but as it turns out, they don’t even last more than a month on most occasions!

So before you jump in to take control of your life, take a step back and zoom out for a bit.

Yes, zoom out and view your life from a  two-year horizon standpoint. What does it look like? Most would say, I can’t see that far,  but the fact is you can, only if you believe what you set out to do. It has to come from within. So chose carefully, think of  two or three things you’d want to do, by the time you reach, 1/1/2020, and then divide them into two buckets :

  1. What’s in your control
  2. What out of your control

The second bucket will be much easier to fill – the things which are not in your control. You can put everything under the sun ,  yet there would still be some space left to push in some more. As the weight of the second bucket increases, it pulls in the first bucket along with it.

Which means, you tend to classify everything being out of your control. And then you are back to where you were when you started this exercise! Nothing gets accomplished.

So this time, try and load the first bucket more, i.e. with things which are under your control, and you’ll see as more things get done, the things not in your control will significantly reduce. You will get more stuff done.

If you think this might not work, then, it won’t. And that my friend, is where the first problem lies – giving up before trying.

Then you might think,  yes I’ve tried this before, and it does not work.  If that is your mindset, then that’s where the second problem lies – assuming that what happened before, will happen again.

Or are you thinking, it just can’t be done, period?  Hmm? That my friend is where the third problem lies –  having more of it can’t be done’s than thinking about what does it take to do?

So your new year should start with breaking these three self-defeating mind blocks, giving up before trying, assuming what happened before will repeat again and be thinking of ways it can’t be done, rather than thinking of ways how it can be done!

This year, take a step back and remove similar roadblocks from your mind before you decide to jump into some resolution, and once you have thought clarity, sticking to a resolution will be much easier.

Have a block free year ahead!






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