Anger & Management

Anger and  Management is a dangerous combination. Do not indulge in it if you can’t handle it.

Where there are people ,there will be Egos – with a capital E, and if you throw in a dash of short temper, it makes for a heady cocktail.Workplace conflicts ae the most common phenomena, its like sex, everyone does it, but no one seems to talk about it, at least openly. This is so because the moment you make your statement you could be judged,branded or even ridiculed.That apart you are sure to get a counter statement, counter opinion , certainly a contra-opinion.

There lies the seed for conflict. One argument leads to the other and before you say abracadabra youre the biggest talk in officeland.That brings me to a fundamental question.By disagreeing to a popular point of view does it equal disrespecting someone who saying it? I think not.But unfortuantely not many people can coexist in duality.For example, I may not like or agree what you said, but that doesnt change my appreciation of the good work that you do otherwise.

It requires a great deal of courage,security and maturity to have such a strong balanced mind set.Having this mindset requires anger management capabilities at its best.You can just snap at every small irritant that comes your way.Yet the irony lies in the fact that if you are too cool,then you might be branded indifferent or fence sitter.

Sometimes people get tired of listening the same bullshit time and again,and therefore their patience levels are low.They tend to snap quicker.Sometimes it just is an inherent nature.Sometimes its just plain stupidity.Sometimes harakiri.Sometimes pettyminded-ness.Whatever be the reason the subsequent situation is unpleasant and uncomfortable for both the “firer and firee” if you know what I mean.

So whats the solution? On one hand you need to air your disappointment,disagreement and on the other you risk upsetting a stakeholder or investor or maybe even your boss.

  • First thing to remember is , no solutions are  found with hot heads and pointless debate.Remain calm, revisit the situation a little later,the lapse of time sometimes is the best healer.
  • Do not over imagine things, no matter what has been said or done.Sometimes we land up adding to something which actually did not happen.
  • Do not get worried/depressed about it – shit happens, and it does get over too.Its not the end of the world, you will live and carry on.
  • Do not shove it under the carpet – because it is sure to raise its head every now and then.Try and address the root cause of disagreement.
  • Remember there is no guarantee ,that the next  job or boss you have will be any better.Its people like you and me who are or will become bosses to some other people sooner or later in life.
  • So the change begins within.Try to strike a balance between being aggressive and submissive.Either extremes are not good.

So , in conclusion, if you need to state your point, certainly do so, but beyond a point do not argue or fight about it.Get on with it. You will get another chance,the world is round you know,what goes around comes around.And if it becomes unbearable find yourself another job or start your own enterprise where you can lay down your own rules of engagement.

There is no point in  being in the system and cribbing about it.When you are in somebody elses system there are bound to be situations which might not be to your liking,so adjust where you can,ignore when needed,and make a point or take a stance when needed.Its about finding the right balance.




2 thoughts on “Anger & Management

  1. There is still more time left for me to into the Office,,,:P. Though earlier my 1yr stint at an IT firm was full of fun(probably because I was the most junior).

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