Are you flexible?

In the modern world, its perhaps the survival  of the most adaptable. However, in the course to adapting, do we land up being spineless and subservient? If not, then where is the balance, what is the balance ? Its also interesting to note that if we become too balanced then it might also be labeled mediocre. 🙂

In the age of extreme performance, drive, attitude there is no place for the slow and steady. Instant gratification ,low patience levels  impact sensitivity like never before.People want to get things done and done in super quick time. The age politeness is now replaced with direct in your face communication. Where is the time to make someone sit down and explain.? On most occasions its my way or the highway.

Speed ,efficiency, and agility are a tricky combination. Think of a truck speeding at 90miles an hour in  a crowded street without hurting anyone. What are the odds of that happening? So what do the people do ? They either make way to save themselves or risk getting hit. There is no mid path here. You re either in or out. Binary. Competition comes from people like you and me. And when there are many you and me’s then there is added pressure to be seen, to be heard, lest you get lost in the crowd. With more you and me’s there’s lesser time and with lesser time the action tends towards extreme and more extreme.

So in reality, if you have to run the race, do you really have a choice to be able to take a mid path and stay calm? Yes you do. Of course you do, but outside the race. The choice as they say, is proverbially yours. So in essence if you had to win the race, you need to be more flexible with pace, anomalies, exceptions, and keep moving.Remember you chose this path and if that fundamental reason has changed then that path is not the one you should be running. Find yourself a new path which allows you to run at your  pace.

Alternatively, if this is the path you want to run, then brace up and hit the ground running. Be optimistic, and energized because you will need it every hour you run. You will need it every minute of your existence and guess what no one can give it to you. This is what they call self starters. Self motivators. Remember , this is what you even wrote on your resume.? Don’t expect life to be handed to you on a platter – make do with what you have and build more or buy more. The idea is to get on with it…be flexible.



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