If it is in your blood , then why not in your attitude?

Staying positive as you face adversity is perhaps the biggest testimony of your mental strength or the lack of it!Now we all know that it helps to stay positive and being positive keeps us going or moving forward. As most would agree its easier said than done.

People often get sucked into the depths of despair and reach an insurmountable position.For some its the circumstances of their own creation and for some they just get sucked into an unwanted situation. Self pity plays a critical role in accelerating the downward spiral.

So when and how do you stop, recognize this downward spiral and snap out of it?

Break-down :One of the simplest ways is to break down the problem in to smaller parts and reprioritizing them in order of criticality.Add a timeline for each effort. Know how long you are going to keep at it before moving on to something different.

Control Assessment :A further subdivision could be to segregate what is in your control and what is beyond. Within those small chunks of things under your control who are the people you can reach out to , or can help you, find them .Needless to say it always helps if you had built those bridges when you did not need them .But nevertheless, no harm in starting now, because I believe that if we have a problem , then people have a wagonload of their own too.So somewhere deep inside they know what you are going through.

Amplify Control : Once you have the break of things you can do, magnify that effort and start making that change one obstacle at a time. Slowly you will gain momentum and can take on more challenges to convert into opportunities. Multiply the effort and gain momentum of making things happen. Celebrate the small successes you get along the way.

Its also important to calculate the consequence of such an action, and know exactly what will come of it.This prepares you mentally. Yes one can argue that it might make you weaker if the outcome is not favorable, but I would say flying with your eyes open is way better than dying with your eyes closed. Keeping your eyes open gives you a chance to divert your destiny if there is that moment available in time.

There will be those who don’t make it.But it will be a much better mental state to be in when you know you tried to the best of your ability rather than live in regret that may be you could’ve tried a bit more. So being positive helps you till the very end and that’s why no matter what the situation, you should never give up on Being Positive.