Boss Management

I had a boss. His one and only competency was very lethal. It was his trick to survival and growth in a top-heavy obese organization. The skill is event management.

It involved the following –

  1. Throw wonderful events every-time your boss or his boss gets a promotion.
  2. Make sure that there is champagne and fireworks (not kidding) for the big boss’s promotion.
  3. Throw your hand up for additional work related responsibilities only if it is related to organizing a picnic, the annual day or pot-luck
  4. Make sure your blue-eyed wards – support you in these efforts.
  5. Make sure all employees in your team contribute generously to some obnoxiously blingy gift that has no functional, artistic or intrinsic value (other than the fact that the price tag will never be removed until after it is presented)

Note: If in the process of organizing these events, he was accused of having his head inside an orifice where the sun does not shine – he would pop his head out and declare that it was a refreshing experience from the mundane routine of work and pop his head right back in again (without taking a deep breath). [Moral: Never be embarrassed about being good at something]

This one competency allowed him to maintain a high level of ignorance and stupidity about the industry, the job itself, and lose every intelligent person that ever had the misfortune to work under him. That said, one can-not and should not take away from the fact that he survived, survives and continues to flourish. One could say, he does what his job demands of him.

Your Thoughts?

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