Busy bee?

There are two type of people at work – one who are busy and the other who pretend to be very busy. Over the course of evolution I have come to realise that both can coexist without one having malice over the other.The archetypal genuinely busy bee always frowns at people when they just chill out or hang around doing nothing. there was once was a professor who walked by the college canteen and saw a bunch of geeks just hanging around. He walked up to them and said ” What are you guys doing here?”  The boys replied ” killing time” – he  retorted sharply – “Why don’t you go kill yourself?”

Since this is a politically incorrect blog I have the liberty to profile them. They are typically the grumpy looking kinds, most probably with specs,little hair on top and in most cases small eyes.not to say other variants don’t exist, they do and continue to flourish, however in my journey-lines these are the most common characteristic features I have come across. They will perpetually be upto something or the other.For them dinner /lunch is a waste of time, they are involved in everyday work right to the last granular detail.Anything and everything goes to their inbox which is why you always hear their mailbox chiming or they are on their phones checking emails. Some good soul out there might argue that well – I am busy because I have work and I’d rather have a lot of work than no work at all.

Fair argument don’t you think? Having said that, it is also a fact that it has its downsides. Firstly spending too much time is a sign of bad delegation, poor time management and most critical you lose sight of the big picture if you are at a senior role.If you at a junior role, then obviously you are not collaborating well enough for your work to get divided. Please bear in mind, sharing your work does not mean that you become “buck-passer” – it means you trust the other guy  to do his bit and you do your bit. In spite of doing that if you still dont get time, then I am quite certain you need to re-prioritize your deliverable. Its ok to put in those extra hours every now and then – but to do it consistently over a period of time is probably not a smart thing to do.

Now, let me take you to the other side. The easy going bloke.Typically will have a smirk on their face, immediately replaced with eyes drooping boredom.They forever find everything is pointless.Their vocabulary largely consists of “whats the point”  – cycnicism lurks around in most corners of their office.They tend to believe, what they know is what actually happens in the world. They are deemed lazy by their fellow busy bee colleagues and in most cases it holds true. The flip side to these people are : they can get very creative. “Laziness is the mother of all inventions ” dont you think? They will find out ways and means to do the same stuff in half the time or better hand it over to someone else.They like to be hands free!  However,there is a slight dichotomy to this character as well. Once they find the spark, then their true genius truly kicks in – and they are busier than busiest bee in town. But bear in mind – this is short lived unless it is paced out well.


Finally,lets talk about the people who perennially look busy even when they have no work at all. It could be they are genuinely happy go lucky type of people, given, but mostly they are not .They think they’re the smartest cookies in town.They delegate smartly, they manage to create an impression with the masses, and sometimes with the ignorant bosses.They are usually seen around with the hob nobs  at work or society and say the right things at the right time. Now some smart Alec might argue – well this is by design and all I am doing is what the need of the hour is – so whats wrong with that? I ve noticed they are extremely good at picking up content form others and re presenting it as their own. It almost sounds convincing actually.

As we grow in life we come to realise that there is nothing wrong or right to everything. They are the way they are till such time they come and affect us.So when this busy bee gets rewarded/ promoted ahead of the poor hard working genuinely busy guy then it hurts the most. Life seems unfair to them.In some cases rightly so,  and in some well they deserved it.The smart busy bee is always on the move, has a bit of restless energy to him/her.In any conversation words or phrases  like “too much work”, too little time, too many things to do, I cant breathe” etc. are often found in their vocabulary.They are forever in search of people who they can pass the buck too.Also known to have a high need for approval.

So in a nutshell, each side has its merits and pitfalls.The idea is to stay balanced and true to your work. There will be days when you need to put in the extra hour and you should not make a big fuss about it – and then there are days when you should share your burden otherwise you could run the risk of screwing up the whole thing.So manage your time well – and you will find enough time to work and relax and will never find the need to pretend to be busy.



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