Call Centric

Did you not get any other job? Why this? Only losers and low qualified guys do this work? Why work in the nights? You obviously dont care about your health?

Sounds familiar? Chances are, you’ve just been stereotypically profiled by the know-it-all-all neighbor, pedigree friend,knowledgeable US uncle,concerned father,snooty friend, or perhaps your future wife! So what do you do ? Let us objectively “demyth” working in a BPO environment.

  • Night Shift.  – There’s nothing wrong working the nights.It’s been happening all along.Hospitals/Doctors , Pilots/Flights , Trains/Drivers , Exam nights/Students etc! So I just don’t get what the brouhaha is about working in the night is all about.Yes, those who have a sleeping disorder would have a problem, but other than that this work schedule faces the same or similar set of challenges as any other job in the day time.So why does this job be treated any less respectable than others?
  • Career Growth – As long as one keeps excelling in the job there’s no stopping anyone’s growth prospects anywhere.Especially in these performance driven environments where there is no scope for hiding.Had no growth been the case then the BPO industry wouldn’t have grown to a 1 Trillion dollar business.Yes you read that right – it s a Trillion. Therefore it is a no-brainer that someone is making some serious money out there.Zero in on India – then the figure is almost US$60B dollars.
  • People – There are an estimated 2.5 million people doing the same thing.! Which tells me it’s a darn good place to be.As the world becomes flatter,managing virtual relationships is going to be the key factor for success and growth.And in this kind of business this is exactly what gets tested.It’s a great opportunity to hone your people management skills and customer management skills.The world is going to be that much more closely knit than ever before.
  • Low value job – The other myth about the BPO business is that the job is low on the value chain.Just a mere graduate or even  10 grade  pass student can do it. This really pisses me off.The very same people who make such outrageous discriminatory comments work for the top 5 school “dropouts” of all time.Yes am referring to Bill gates,Michael Dell,Steve Job ,Larry Ellison and many more.! How ironic is that. Imagine a world without these great people.Imagine how the world would have shaped up if not for their magnificent contributions. Imagine if some quirky HR policy would have not hired an undergraduate – then the world would probably not have seen the iPod.
In India qualification is often interchangeably used for great character in a person.Perceptions people have are largely based on here-say and their limited understanding and exposure to the world.They are busy playing experts in field they have little or no clue. Unfortunately when you have many such “smart-ass” people there is a herd mentality that follows.Thus a perception is developed.
I am certain there are many other factors which I could ve put here,but I guess you get the drift. The gist of the story being a job is a job is a job, no matter when you do it,where you do it or how you do it. It is what you make of it.
Is it going to be easy?  Hell no. But who was it easy for anyways? Go figure.
If it wasn’t painfully difficult…you probably did it wrong.

3 thoughts on “Call Centric

  1. Well phrased! I have given 10 years of my life to this industry and recently retired as project manager after getting married and i loved every minute spent there. I still find it hard how people manage their lives with day jobs, as the entire day is spent at work. I do realize that due to good money the young ones do sometime stain the name… but that’s not just with BPO, bad stuff can happen anywhere… anyways i hope someday people will stop stealing their glances at low lifes 😉 like us and accept us for who we are.
    Keep Penning.
    Bitter Charm

  2. If given a choice, I would not want to change how I started my career. Call center did teach me many things and it certainly made me respect my software jobs which I rarely see any engineer do…they complain about their work and what not, however forget, at the end of the day, we are the ones who join the company….if not suitable move on and let someone who would respect it better join and work….

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