Change of guard at workplace works both ways.

The set of people who liked the new leadership applaud with a sense of relief and the set of people who disliked the new leadership they applaud the outgoing leadership.As a net result the room is almost always halved in mind body and soul.

Management gurus will tell you, that diversity is the biggest asset of the new age corporate workplace,but what they dont tell you is that diversity also brings chaos and back-stabbing all in the name of healthy competition.

Therefore it is extremely critical for the new leader to establish a quick connect.Bear in mind a quick connect needn’t mean a deep dive into their lives and business,it could also be ,by giving them time,by letting them be,by letting them get used to the new change.

Rest assured there will never be total compliance, but if the new manager can show by example why he got the job,chances are his equity just might go up and find some new fans.And if that fan is convinced then chances are you have got one foot in the door of the opposite camp.

This is based on the fundamental philosophy that people dislike change.Therefore a changeover is certain to run into a mini stress test, depending on the level at which change is happening.The higher it is the more unstable the change.

So what does one do who is caught in this cross-fire of changeover ?

Stay cool.Stay connected.



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