Workplace conflict has traditionally known to be a sole cause for rivalries lasting the tenure of either the afflictor or the victim.More often than not,such conflicts arise out of insecurities on side of the spectrum and or pride which is on the other end of the spectrum.There could be a one-sided conflict or there could be a designed conflict to achieve a greater purpose.

Why are conflicts always viewed negatively? Lets us park aside the negativity around conflict and discuss about the positive side effect or by-product of conflict. The most common aspect of a conflict is outburst. Sometimes people lose jobs, sometimes lose a position of strength and if nothing else they certainly trigger a perception about them. these perceptions go and reach every corner of the office and if it is at a senior level then you can rest assured the whole company will know about it before you say Hello the next day.

Conflicts are sometimes the best thing to happen in an organization.It brings out the best on competing elements.It gives a sense of perspective and ignites passion. Yet organizations go out of the way to tell you to be less emotional about your job because the job will not be emotional about you.What then is the best balance? What is the right way to have passion yet be objective?

Somewhere people have to believe that there is a mature zone which says agree to disagree and get on with life. If more organizations find this kind of balance,then conflicts will never be negative instead it could be used to enhance a company’s productivity.

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