Why are conflicts always viewed negatively? Lets us park aside the negativity around conflict and discuss about the positive side effect or by-product of conflict.

Workplace conflict has traditionally known to be the sole cause for rivalries lasting the tenure of either the “afflictor” or the victim.More often than not,such conflicts arise out of insecurities  on one  side of the spectrum and or pride which is on the other end of the spectrum.There could be a one-sided conflict or there could be a designed conflict to achieve a greater purpose.

The most common aspect of a conflict is outbuburst.And sometimes it is the best thing to happen to the individual. It gives him or her the true meaning of his existence in that job and adds clarity and direction to the next steps of whether this is the job he wants to continue or move on to something else.

Conflicts are sometimes the best thing to happen in an organization.It brings out the best on competing elements.It gives a sense of perspective and ignites passion.Most organizations strive to get everything standardised or processed so that they may work like a perfect assembly line.And yet, sometimes when they do manage to achieve that,there is a need to create chaos.

Because, without an element of chaos, there is no other way one can motivate people to up the ante and increase their productivity or achieve a certain goal. Measured conflict is key to an organizations success as it grows.Yes there are pitfalls because humans tend to react differently to the same situation as a function of time. But if you can manage that anomaly,conflict could actually act as a catalyst.



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