Efficiency Deficiency

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Therefore can every efficiency, trigger an inefficiency ?

Has it ever occurred to you,that on account of someone’s efficiency there could be a deficiency created at the other end. Is it possible to run every business in a completely streamlined, clockwork precision? All people run as expected and deliver as expected just like an assembly line. I guess not.

When it comes to people,it is nearly impossible to function like an assembly line. Even the most disciplined organizations like the defense forces, have varying levels of efficiencies. Therefore is it right to expect a business to function perfectly ? Is it right to appraise people against perfection?

The reality is that there is a bell curve  of skill sets in every organization, and in that if we have a high potential candidate his or her efficiencies could have a negative impact at the other end.The fundamental premise of achieving excellence often works on the pillars of achieve at any cost.

Perhaps not. However, the flip side of the argument could be, that should we incent people on inefficiencies? Should we appraise people on less than perfect? With the understanding that its always going to be downward spiral and eventually inefficiencies will lead to businesses shutting down.

So how do we balance these out ? So as to say that we increase overall efficiencies and decrease overall inefficiencies but not targeting perfection.


Disclaimer : This just a food for thought and not a statement.

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