Email Trip

I have just received  an email,which begs to be torn apart.I wish there was a double delete button or something.
Or just like we “ctrl B ” there should be something equivalent to show utter disgust at stupid inbox clogging emails.

There’s so much back and forth to get one simple task done.I get a feeling that people are still fascinated by seeing emails in their inbox…just like 1998 when I had my first Hotmail account ! They are trigger love sending emails for every darn detail.

The other set of people love writing letters and their love for writing essays comes out in their emails.!
The emails are so descriptive, and basic that I think they underestimate someone’s intelligence.But don’t blame them…there are surprisingly more dumb people in the top corporate ladder than one can imagine.

When will we get away from farce emails and come to the point. ?

Your Thoughts?

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