Fault Line

We all fear making a mistake don’t we? I wouldn’t be far off I were to say that  there is no instance where someone has never made a mistake and yet been tremendously successful.

But the fact remains that a fear of failure or mistakes make or break people.Lets us see some of the top reasons why people fear making a mistake?

  • Humiliation – Fear of being humiliated or ridiculed is something which has a lasting memory in a persons mind.The people around him or her don’t make it any easier by reminding about it either by accident or by design.They have formed a strong and lasting perception.
  • Stakes – each passing mistake costs rise.Sometimes the stakes are so high that one tiny mistake could lead to colossal loss or a catastrophic disaster.So when the stakes are high people are more picky more stringent and more vocal.
  • Alternatives – people make a big hue and cry over mistakes when they know that the alternative solution or situation is not a favorable one to say the least.The alternative situation could bring about grave consequences.Hence there is special focus to get it right the first time and every time.
  • Expectations – well a common expectation when you hire someone or do some job is to do it correctly and repeat consistently.It is directly related to your efficiency or productivity as the case may be.If we all tolerated mistakes,then it would make for one sad place with ramifications beyond repair.

I am sure there are many more reasons, however, I guess you get the drift. On the flip side, since there is no real benchmark , standard, or guidance on how much to chide someone when they make a mistake, it usually is over done, and it leaves a bitter mark on the afflicted party.

Some people get so affected, that they lose confidence in their ability, their vocabulary is dented for the rest of their lives.They find it hard to try anything new or different,and there lies the bane of growth.

In the book -The upside of Assholes -By Bob Sutton  –  it says 1 in 5 workers are subject to bad workplace behavior.Additionally it provokes anxiety, depression and reduced self esteem.

It is wise for companies to calculate their total cost of assholes.!


So let us not have a myopic view of our lives,and think big – let us deal with mistakes a bit more sensitively and be a little bit more patient.Because – if the whole world were to be come an assembly line – who would do the thinking ? How would we grow?  How would we find newer ideas? How would we explore uncharted territories.?

Who know the next mistake could actually lead to the next big thing?

3 thoughts on “Fault Line

  1. My brother’s friend recently quit his job because of his boss. When asked why he did not state that as a reason. He replied,”It is no more my problem. It is (company)’s problem, and if his bosses cannot figure it out then they are bigger wastes.”

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