Golden Spoon

Some people are born with a golden spoon or a silver spoon whatever, for a pauper whether it is gold or silver it doesn’t matter – they re all the same – un-have-able .History is replete with instances of rich kids throwing away that advantage, blowing the money,and essentially screwing up all the good work the previous generations had done.

However, now we have  anew emerging trend. The “golden spooners” are not getting spoiled  rotten , instead they are  leveraging the platform to launch themselves into a higher orbit.Making the most of the platform they have inherited.They are making a name for themselves and creating a distinct identity of their own.

On the flip side,nothing major has changed for the poor Joe.His circumstances have more or less remained the same,except for maybe a bit more options in terms of job variety available in the market.Which is why these days you rarely hear a rags-to riches story.There are fewer poor Joe’s who’s backs are against the wall and this leads to lesser breakaway entrepreneurs or tear away passion to start or do something new .

More and more poor Joe’s are finding an odd job here and there and they are meeting their ends and chugging along.Few of those are progressing up the value chain and becoming leaders.The competition is now between the have’s and have more’s. The have -not’s are somewhere losing their battle in the long run.

So is this a good thing or bad thing? I think bad.Simply because, you dont want to be in a situation where there are few people running the entire economy of the country – you want more people,  more diversity, more ideas and then the corresponding growth will not only be sustainable but also spread out to multiple economic strata which will then lead to an over robust growth of the economy.

3 thoughts on “Golden Spoon

  1. I second this. I don’t blame the Joe-s…..situation is probably compelling them to join the ‘have’ community and be satisfied with it. And probably the satisfaction of gradually moving from the ‘have’-s to the ‘have-more’-s is stopping them from inventing their ‘self’. I don’t know to which group i belong…cause I am still waiting for a job/profession/career/goal…that i i know i would be able to take interest in…and hence magnify and revolutionize in my own way. But it’s true, the we are losing diversity and ideas….and we need more Joe-s to take risk and more silver spooner-s to give the Joe-s, chance.

    • Aritra – that’s a noble thought my friend – but an unlikely one.The haves call it killer instinct.The have-nots call it my bad luck.! This divide will only be bridged with some mass oppression – which will serve as a trigger point for a revolution.
      Dont wait for the right job to come by, it never does.There is no right job anywhere – its just a job and you gotta do it.Simple. If along the way you happen to like it- then it is a bonus – else you ve not lost anything.:-)

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