Great Expectations

The most common update on your LinkedIn timeline is likely to be that of a job opening.Someone is hiring somewhere, constantly. Does that also mean more people are getting fired?

Or is the supply of jobs exceeding the talent available in the market? Does that mean the quality of the hiring process is not up to the mark? Does it mean there is a case for  mis matched expectation-setting at both ends – the employer and the job seeker? Or does it simply mean that retention strategy is not that robust?

In the age of instant gratification ,rocketing expectations and quick results people often realize they landed on the wrong planet.There is pressure on employers to hire quickly,lest the quarter numbers could get impacted.There is pressure on the job seeker to get a job quickly before there is a gap in their resume (which some recruitment friends interpret as incompetence!) or before they are cold shouldered out of the organization.Now think of the interview process under these strenuous circumstances.

The employers will tend to look for tangible academics,key word matches with the job description and one or two points which the hiring manager is looking to hear. ( most hiring people tend to like / hire people like themselves!So if the the job seeker gives an answer differently to what they would have given, then the interview is pretty much over from there on).Where as the goal is perhaps to hire some one better than you or different than you yet having a common goal.

The Job seeker would ideally try to overstate, tend to use mix up  “I did..” vis-a-vis “we did..”. The over stated “I did” typically would comprise of instances where 5 other people also contributed and “we did”  would mask their individual accountability or contribution. Candidates tend to add flavor to something which should be bland, straight and simple…like say numbers.

So what is it going to be?  Keep n Reap or Hire n Fire ? The outcome of such actions is often what companies refer to as a “bad hire”.And before you know the cycle begins again. The cost of hiring, the business continuity disruption -which can also cause revenue loss, and the cost of time spent in repeating this process all add up to huge inefficiencies.

So for employers, having a strong retention strategy is well worth the effort sometimes.Remember Superman does not need a job – regular people do.Its regular people with certain degrees of inefficiencies who hone their skills and deliver outstanding performances over time.

For the job seeker – you don’t need to be a superman! And if you haven’t guessed it already, there isn’t one. Its okay to not be perfect – but its not okay to overstate, its not okay to fudge your resume, its not okay for you to showcase what you have not done. If you were good enough to get hired somewhere, you will be good enough to get hired elsewhere. So Just be simple.