Hope Stress

Is too much hope leading you into stress? Think about it. Are we expecting too much out of our lives, that the fear of not having it ,is really stressing you out ? Aspirations soar with every stage in life, and then you realize that sustaining it is the real deal.

As you begin your career there is hope.You keep chugging at speed. There is nothing you cannot do. The energy comes from imagining the next level.Be like the bosses.Ambition hope.

Midway, the first sense of attainment. Competition is stiff yet you run along like a steed with blinkers. Beating completion is a high. Yet something is missing. You are restless and want more. Be the boss hope.

The enthusiasm curve follows the bell curve as time progresses. It takes a real dip as you continue to do the same thing over and over again. However you don’t exit the loop as there is hope trapped at the end of the career. Money hope.

Finally, you manage to achieve everything, well almost everything , yet you are not happy. Emotionally fatigued, physically tired, mentally spent. But hope persists. Retirement hope. And then you die. Hope burns you out.

So is this what you hoped for?

Hoping is never a strategy or a tactic. Its just a stress inducer. Hoping never really lets you be in peace. It leads you into an utopic existence only to be rudely awoken later. So then is it the same as dreaming? Because every management guru worth his salt will tell you that if you dream big you will achieve big if you think small then you will achieve small. Every dreamer will tell you that if you cease to dream you cease to live. You can’t live a hope-less life can you? You do earn more money simply because you excel at what you do.

Now lets rewind and get back to the start. Imagine if you did what you had to do without worrying about returns? Would you then underachieve? I think not. By being comfortable with yourself, your situation, you could perform better. By being at ease with the outcomes ,it frees your mind, you enjoy the journey more than the destination. You build memories. Memories charge you up.

So live stress free this year. This new year don’t let hope get in the way of your happiness. Be happy anyways and always. Happy 2017 everyone.

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