Information Fatigue

There is a data explosion in our lives. Everyone is talking, everyone has an opinion to offer.People are screaming.


By the time to even finished reading the first line, there were questions popping in your mind : Why explosion? That’s a strong word to use isn’t it? I’d have used something else, maybe the article is just trying to grab attention. Shouldn’t everyone be talking? Would you rather have people suppressed and be quiet? Everyone ought to have an opinion, what is wrong with that? Yes, people need to scream against tyranny and oppression, what is wrong with that?

You get the drift?

Welcome to the age of information explosion.  Think of a typical bomb explosion. If you   are close to the epicenter, you have the highest chance of dying.  But with information explosion, distance is negated with the advent of technology.So you could be in any part of the world, and the wave of information could reach you within minutes if not seconds.

You can’t hide, neither can you run away from it. It would be safe to say, 30 years ago, the volume of data we were exposed to was far less,therefore, we perhaps had fewer questions to ask or lesser opinions to form. It was rather quiet. Was it a better society? We will never be able to prove it one way or the other.

Look at any news channel today, or pick up a news paper, what is the common denominator? I don’t know if we can even bucket them into categories, but a general list would look like this :

  • Politics.
    • Hate speeches
    • Finger pointing
    • Scams
    • War rhetoric.
  • Crime
    • Heinous Crimes
    • Diabolical Crimes
    • Large scale Crimes.
  • Terrorism
    • In the name of religion
    • Political
    • Regional
    • Nationalism
  • Scandals
    • Politicians
    • Film Personalities
    • Other Artistes
    • Sports Personalities
    • Bureaucrats
    • Top Corporate honchos


Undoubtedly, there are many other categories, all in a state of entropy , ubiquitous in the mind. And just like every action has an equal and opposite reaction, this massive input will have, or need to have an output. This massive input of information, acts as a stimulant, and the brain needs to give out, dissipate this energy, it can’t perpetually keep storing it. Can it?

This constant management of information exchange, leads to information fatigue. So at the peak of human brilliance or excellence, they will experience mediocrity and disinterest in everything they do or say. This will lead to neutralizing all the greatness achieved and push the individual to a zero sum game state of mind.  Think of a sinusoidal curve. Binary, one and then zero, ring a ring a roses…and we all fall down.

Will it be a state of nirvana or a vegetative state of mind? Will we pick ourselves up again, or be left alone to deal with what we created? In the immediate multiverse we have no reason to believe, any galaxy gives a shit, if you are alone or self disrupt. It happens all the time.So they will move on, and those who manage their energy better stand a chance to survive, not just survive longer, but survive happier.


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