Job Security

If you were good enough to get hired here, then you will be good enough to get there.

Think about that for a second.

You were good.You got the job.You got that job, whereas the other 6 did not.You were better than the 6 who got rejected.Doesnt that boost your confidence? Does it not bring in positivity ? Do you not feel the pride ? Do you not feel the sense of achievement.?Well if you don’t , then you are not thinking straight.

Its okay to feel good about yourself. Its okay to express happiness.You dont need to be apologetic under the garb of being humble.Its okay to be you.Scores of people, well wishers, family and friends will tell you not to be arrogant or over confident, but  you cannot be under-confident either , is someone telling you that as well?

People fear losing their jobs.Period. This is exactly the point where emotions score over objectivity.A good player does not become a bad player overnight.And if you consider yourself a good player then you too will find a suitable job. So fearing a job loss wont help much, instead value the job you have and youll never have to fear losing it.

Never crib about the job you have.If you have it in you to command a 40% raise in another company and bag a senior job title – then go for it, assuming if thats what you want.What are you waiting for? As much as you’d hate to know, but the company existed before you joined, and it will continue after you’ve left.So if you chose to leave, life would keep moving you know.

However just bear in mind that lot of hiring managers would love to see some stability in a resume, rather that seeing 5 job changes in 8 years! So if you have to , then move for the right reasons.Reasons which you can attribute towards your career development or ultimate goals and not because your colleague got a better raise than you did! This creates insecurity and slowly, but surely impacts your performance levels.

There is nothing wrong in looking for a different career option /opportunity.But don’t let insecurity drive that change.If you are not up to it or if your career options have changed then move on and do something about it.Don’t just stay there and be cynical about the whole system, or worse play the victim card and indulge in self sympathy.

In conclusion, I think Job insecurity is largely self created.When the balance tilts in favor of emotion over objectivity – insecurity creeps in.Come to think of it – isn’t that the case in personal lives as well? Though I must admit, you cannot keep emotion out of the equation there.But I guess you get the point.

So stay cool,stay positive and stay objective.




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