Monday :Best Day

It is a general perception that Monday is the worst day of the week, we hear groans, moans,excuses and dodges all day long.Monday morning blues is a phrase oft cited as an example for one’s grumpiness or mood swings.I began to wonder why should Tuesday be left out? Wednesdays and Thursday’s can chip in with their reasons and voila we have had a whiny week.( we never complain on  Fridays)

So the question to ask is does having a whiny week  make your life any easier ? Does it make your colleagues life any easier? Or the set of people who interact or work with you – do they feel good about it?

Clearly,the answer is a big NO. No one likes to see a grumpy face on a Monday morning or any other mornings.I have tried to analyze some reasons why people are grumpy on Monday specially : –


  • Brooding weekend : After all the sweat and pressure of the week one really looks forward to a relaxing weekend.Now if that screws up, then people tend to brood about it on Mondays.This could range from not having adequate sleep,time,sex,entertainment,hobby,or even leave -me-alone- time. (We aren’t going to talk about the solutions to this right now – that calls for a different post .)
  • Frightful Friday : Mostly applicable to people who have had a terrible Friday with incomplete tasks or missed goals – and the report card is out on Monday be it a review,or a meeting,or a presentation.
  • Wrong Job : Well if you perpetually see your self in a bad mood – maybe this is not the job for you.You are stuck here, and dread every minute like a caged bird yearning to fly.The only slight hitch is : you might not even know where to fly or  how to fly? Besides the world outside aint that good either. Remember shit theory?

Well I guess you get the drift : so what do you do to make sure you not only have a great Monday but also have a great week ahead.?

  • Sleep early : Yup Mondays actually begin on Sunday nights. No matter how active your social life is , or how bad it is – make sure you mentally gear up for Monday from Sunday night.It doesn’t mean you need to get tensed – it means you mentally prepare and prioritize what you need to do.Then hit the bed early.Even if it means no sleep – just lie down relaxing.It helps.
  • Get up Early: If you usually reach work by 8:30 or 9  – today try reaching by 8AM that extra half hour will give you time to settle the nerves,if any, focus and give enough time to start work early.
  • Know work : If you know what you are going to do or what the outcome can possibly be, then you will fear it lesser.Do not fear failure.You are doing your best and that’s what matters.And if you are NOT , then you  know where the problem lies.

I am sure there are many more points but I guess you understand the importance of making your Monday work. If you have ended the week well, chances are  you will have a great beginning on Monday.So ensure you end this week well so that you have bright Monday morning next week.

Good Luck.



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