Let us go back to April 2 about 11PM – and you will see MS Dhoni hitting six of the last ball for six. He made the most of the right opportunity at the right time.And the world will remember him for his now legendary decision to bat up the order against professional wisdom.So how much of it was the result of self-belief vs. just getting it plain lucky? I guess one will never know.Not even Dhoni himself.

Have you ever wondered why we never get the right opportunity at the right time? Or at least in most cases. Only once in a  long while do we get it absolutely right – spot on.For the rest of us mere mortals, we need to fight every day to get the right opportunity,realise it,and then max it. Easier said than done isnt it?  How much of it is a function of pure luck or is it a function of meticulous planning.?

So what does it  take to get it right?

Smart Alec says “hard work”  – well in today’s world that’s a job only half done.Need to do something better. Smarter Alec says ” Smart work”. That still gets you to 80% – what about the most crucial 20% ? To me, that critical 20% constitutes calculated risk taking ability.While the guru’s of the world will tell you to strategies and de-risk your portfolio of life – there are a few who will say take risks. Yes, even if it backfires. Sounds crazy ?

I once read a joke somewhere,  – what is good luck ? The lightening misses you,and strikes the tree behind you. – what is bad luck -? The tree falls on you.  So the gist of the story is – you can only plan that much – beyond a point go with your gut feel and take a risk. Learn to back your instinct even if you falter once in a while.The most successful in this world will tell you – they took the right decision based on their gut feel.

So what stops you?

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