Reality changes perception or perception changes reality ?

It is true we may never be able to find conclusive evidence for or otherwise,however, if you do a random cross section across society, you will find most people say that perceptions can alter reality. Whatever happened to the content vs. packaging debate? The jury is out on that one too.But for now lets address how perceptions can make or break your career,or life.

In Personal Life –

At home, it is a common practise to take your family for granted.Sometimes there are pushbacks and sometimes acceptance,but perceptions are created subconsiously.Parents, well most of them, never believe that their son or daughter can also be a separate identity. Like he is a son – he also is an individual in his own right,and one needs to respect that. But these boundaries if discussed are often misunderstood for rebellion or plain disrespect. It is not.It is a sign of maturity.Which brings me to my favorite line – ‘maturity is independent of age’.

In Professional Life –

At work, every single word you utter, triggers a perception.Every single posture you maintain triggers a perception.The trouble is no one will come and clarify with you.They will assume and form opinions.These non-verbal communications are difficult to forget,and they remain the mind for a long time.So be careful.On the flip side, creating  positive perception often leads to promotions,raises or hikes.It sometimes makes for lack of content.So you will see the “packager” get ahead of you the “content” guy.


So be aware about what you don’t say with your mouth.!




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