Politics – is generally considered a bad word today.None of the listed definitions seem to suggest that. However that is not how the word is perceived in our lives today.It is prevalent in every genre,aspect,form,or emotions in which humans exist.

Lets examine two of the most common places  –

  • Office – Now most will tell you that the doctrine at work is to trust no one.The higher you grow the more politicking it gets.Colleagues who pose as friends and well wishers exist , but only if you are not in direct competition or threat to their immediate position.Once on the same level,the organizations are so designed that they are bound to induce a sense of competition – and a sustained state of competition leads to the ugly side of politics.That is when things become nasty.
  • Family – Think of family just as another informal version of office. Yes it may surprise you – but the truth is people are the same everywhere in the world.The larger the family the more is the politics.This is of course proven null and void if there is a family emergency or if there is an existing financial crunch.Essentially when there is a bigger problem to handle ,then politics usually takes a backseat and instinct takes over.
Needless to say,this is not the case in every office or every household.Dealing with such exceptions is much easier than dealing with the norm.How do we handle such people or situations? What role do we play or get sucked into? Are we not a part of the same politics? Are we not the perfect conduit?

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