Promotions Mantra’s

The P word is always the most anticipated, almost always overdue and certainly highly deserved for the recipient.

The P word is always least anticipated if you are not the recipient, almost always it was way too early in your opinion,he/she should have got this much later, and certainly, how could management even think of this worthless piece of shit as the next one to promote.

The P word unites the working world – it cuts across cast,creed or class. Levels, geographies or boundaries, gender blend in to add to this heady mix.The working Joe does not know what or how to make the most of it.Often people find them at the mercy of other people (read: boss’s perception) judgment or predicament. Almost all cases think their bosses are nincompoop’s and have no insight into their psyche.

Some cases it is situational, where the round robin phase passes you by some quirk of fate and by the time next cycle comes around the variables of the business have changed so much that you dont know where to start.As if all this was not enough, your super boss then gives a message around how concerned he is about employee welfare.!!

So the point is what should one do?

To answer that, first set some ground rules.

Ground rule no. 1 – there are no or never any perfect fits for any role.People try and see how close or how far you are from executing the role.So if you get to hear words like “you are not ready yet” please understand that you have one year to work further.

Ground rule no. 2 –  Perception is king.Yes as much as you would like to believe that you are this king of content, mettle – personified, dedication par excellence – always know, there are 5 other jokers who think the same, and chances are, they estimate themselves even higher than you do – whether you like it or not, belive it or not, can prove it or not – is immaterial.

Ground rule no. 3 –  Networking is queen. Well if you have great mingling skills then you should be seen having dinner with super boss, or be seen spending time in his cabin close of business ,or better still be there to take his dog for a walk if need be. Oh and yes, your wardrobe expenses would just multiply , considering the suits you need to “match up.”

Ground rule no.4 – Suck up is Jack – well everyone does it – like it or not, subtly or bluntly, silently or vehemently – it has become a necessary social evil.Not doing it means you are off the “radar” no matter how many talent development or unearthing programs the organization has to offer.Be seen or be lost forever.

Ground rule no. 5 – Resilience is Ace – remember whether you like your boss or not, whether they understand or underestimate you or not, whether you get promoted or not,you need to hang in there.Sooner or later there will be enough attrition, if you are lucky, and your name will be synonymous with loyalty and tenure.

Now that you know the promotion mantra – keep these points in mind before you engage in a promotion conversation.Be careful what you wish for – sometimes it does come true – and then you realise you are biting more than you can chew and squander the opportunity.Be known that the market has it own dynamics of evaluating your profile and a rapid growth into sky-high salaries for your level, sometimes outprice you in the market.

So my dear co-workers, enjoy your current position, excel and keep consistently excelling.It s not such a bad thing to keep working at the same salary level for a few years, eventually if you are good you will get it.

Your Thoughts?

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