Reply All

If you have seen Bruce Almighty – you’d know what a simple click of a button-namely Reply All – can do to mankind.
Let us focus on what it does closer to office.

People want.Period.They want attention, recognition and assurance that they are doing good, got the best deal,are the most concerned or most important,
knew the story first,and on and on…as the case may be. In this process of wanting attention or more importantly manufacturing office consent people go to great lengths to do many things however we will just discuss one aspect of it – Reply All.

  1. Example – There were 37 Reply all mails sent for a boss who just got promoted [why are we not surprised?] to a senior boss.
  2. Example  – Someone got mentioned by Senior boss in some meeting – 51 reply alls doing the rounds on last count.
  3. Example – There 42 posts in 2 hours of a colleague updating a post on FB saying they ve just been transfered to some wonderland.

Simple everyday things trigger unwarranted unfounded perceptions.You have no control over them. People are more impatient
intolerant and more importantly more ignorant.They re just too preoccupied to believe that there could be some other reason for some action.
The tough bit is when your stakeholders trigger a perception.They form an opinion and sit tight.You can’t contest them,because you don’t know it exists until it is tested…and by then it is too late.

Take an example – some people at work cannot see the Reply button on their emails…they only see Reply All. Everyone has to know that these individuals congratulated or thanked the people concerned.So what does it do to the people who did not do a reply all. ? you guessed it – they’re screwed.A huge perception is triggered.
People are way too engrossed in self promotion and self glorification that they forget sometimes they actually make an ass of themselves.
Ironically,they are the same people who criticize these self promotional tactics.

Visible ,online appreciation is a norm of the day…be it any of the social networking sites or a good old Reply All.
When someone delivered a baby recently, the whole world posted congratulatory messages on Facebook,Orkut and what have you.
The one’s who didn’t post a message were the primary target for a perception trigger. People bitched about various things with similar minded folks.
Some cracked jokes,some sarcastic some plain rude,some “I-knew-it” comments trailed for a few days.Little did they realise,that some of the folks who didnt put up online wishes had actually called him on mobile. !

I wish people would realize how irritating this thing is… and moreover it really clutters the inbox.

Your Thoughts?

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