Resignations -which type are you?

Resignations are fun as long as it is not yours.Getting fired or asked to resign or quitting are various ways to look at it- but all with the same end result.It often results in ego wars,personal battles.For some, a new entrepreneur is born,for some the last hope dies.Yes sometimes it leads people to death.

Most conversations revolve around money,growth or recognition, while some leave for no reason at all. Some companies value people too much and suffer later on,some suffer because they don’t value people at all.Some succeed because they ve always chopped and changed and some because they turned people around and got a sense of belonging.So lets resign ourselves into the world of resignations.

I believe companies need all types of people to succeed, the firebrand types, the restless types, the fall in line types and the think out of the box the company manages these diverse strategies determines the personality of a company.The trick is to find the right balance. I think most companies do this with a fair degree of success using the trial and error many times have you heard the term ” once bitten twice shy” while hiring  certain types of people.

Yet the hiring goes on because if you are not growing you are dying. And if there is hiring there will be firing.Some will politely word it as voluntary ,mutual etc etc. net of it is – they re not going to be with the company anymore.period. Lets find out who are these people who resign –

The firebrand types – the archetypal spoiled brat, brash, thinks no end of himself and always with a chin up, eye down look.They have a one sided smirk on most occasions, gelled hair, usually a good perfume,but I have known of exceptions,and are mostly 2/3 years in the company.

so when you hear the following you know you ve met Mr. Brash-jesh –

  • If you throw peanuts you’ll get a monkey.
  • retaining me beyond 2 years is your prerogative not mine.
  • If you want me,pay me , promote me .

A counter answer from the super boss will be – if you have done your job well – that’s good – and that’s why every 30th of the month you get paid without even get paid incentives.So, the favor balance is neutralized. These are typically dead-end conversations, after which either the firebrand employee slips into the level below or exits burning bridges…provided he has an alternative. Sooner or later he realizes that is truly is a small world.

Caution – it is pretty much a one way traffic after you ve aired such a conversation.Expect, less cooperation,less involvement , cost cutting, special focus on you etc best bet get the hell out of there as quickly as possible.

That brings us to the secret agent types – typically, quiet,intelligent,observant and by default he believes that everyone else is out to get him,and he is forever on guard.Even if someone were to offer him a glass of water, he would probably smell it first before drinking.But he does it subtly, cleverly, does not show it.These guys are typically invisible to most eyes until they meet similar types. Their resignations are usually surprising to a few in the company –

when you hear the following you know you’ve met Mr.Why-bhav.

  • one has to typically consider calculated risks you know.
  • when i stop enjoying I will quit.
  • Lets see what happens…sigh !

A counter answer from the super boss might be – well an individual is not bigger than the company and no one is indispensable.So lets move on.

Caution – there is a high chance that these people become cynical of everything in slowly but surely creeps into their personal lives as well.They begin to see wood instead of the beautiful forest.Somewhere down the line they become very very rigid and that causes their emotional down fall or in a worst case their financial downfall.They are the people who will read this post and say..

losers have philosophies and winners have strategies.

The frustrated soul types – typically long tenured,sitting in some corner doing something,has pulled his weight by the occasional good job.Originally hired as a replacement ,or a second short list because time was running out waiting for the right candidate to come by.Get on with it was the signal from management.Perceptions about their ability and actual delivery are always clear – not a rock star material ,not a candidate for the most valuable player.They just work.Often timid outlook, low on confidence, and rest of the self pity is aggravated by people around them.

so when you hear the following you know you’ve met Mr.Chintamani –

  • yaar I am not valued.
  • no appreciation for passion and commitment.
  • i am here because of loyalty to the company.

A counter answer from the super boss would be – we need work horses you know,someone who will not question everything we say or do, not ask too many questions, just organization needs such people,though in a limited quantity,but just to fill up that vacant corner on the floor,and get all the spade work done.They work on less salary, dont crib for a promotion,or a raise,they have no such demands, grateful that they even have a job.Considering the volatility of the economy or the company fortunes they could be good hires.

Caution – It is not uncommon for a rare breed of such people to turn around once they find their true calling.Something just happens one day and they really turn around.But bear in mind these are very rare cases, so evaluating them periodically would not be a bad idea to see what makes them tick.

Like they say never judge a book by it’s cover.

The lost cause types – typically those poor souls who cannot figure out why people can’t figure them out.they re intellectually fault of theirs.but thats the truth.Even if you were to say one word a bit sternly, they would get hurt, even secretly cry.They even get hurt if you look at them with angry eyes.immediately perceptions are triggered in his brain,that here is another betrayer…enemy…bad boy.they just dont – can’t trust anyone.Sometimes they screw up a perfectly good situation for the same reason.Never happy, never satisfied always lost in the thought of If only I could ….

so when you hear the following  you know you ve met Mr.Rona-ld –

  • my life is doomed.
  • If only I had what he has…
  • I dont trust anyone by default.

A counter answer from the super boss could be – he is good but lacks matter what good happens to him,he manages to find something wrong with the situation, and sometimes this is very infectious, it rubs on to the rest of the team and productivity could go down or attrition could go up.

Caution – someone once said, it is good to be pessimistic – mostly you re right, and the times you re proven wrong, you are pleasantly surprised.Sometimes these type of people snap,and then you see a totally different individual.And sometimes they drown in their own sorrow and become the reason for their self destruction.Sometimes they bring people down to earth,show them reality,much needed if majority are on a perpetual high in the company.Someone needs to be the anchor…but a positive one.

Then the classic surprised dim wit types – typically they are fired,sacked ,let go, as the case maybe – and they have no clue,they even let a grin out,much like the feviquik ad rickshaw fellow .banging into the expensive car owner.Classic expression wasn’t it? They usually roam around the office with an air or confidence,a broad smile, and always pretend to look very busy..they have an opinion on everything from a board pin to the boardroom. Such is the perception they trigger, that even when they manage to speak something intelligent , it becomes the butt of all jokes.

So when you hear the following you know you have met  Mr.Duh-nraj-

  • huh.? what was that..sorry don’t understand..whatever.
  • wha? ya ya i sooo bussy ooff no time to breathe no.
  • bbbut? I have a pregentason uill dhat hapain ?

A counter answer from the super boss could be – these people are super packing experts.They can have an easy conversation with anyone practically,and sometimes it helps to have these chatterbugs around the office just to lighten up the atmosphere.If you channel them well – they could generate a snowball effect and maybe even influence a decision.Besides it also creates a perception amongst others that this is a happy company.Bright and sunny.

Caution – these people,can also cause a lot of damage to impressionable souls in the organization.They might knowingly,or unknowingly create a perception which could become the ultimate truth for a lesser experienced person.Which needless to say could have disastrous effect later in his life when he is woken up to the hard reality.

i am sure there are more types…but hey aren’t we all at some point been through these phases in life ? so in some sense we have these attributes within us,it is how we chose to handle them determines our career path.

Nut of it – Sometimes in life you ‘ve got to be the pigeon and sometimes the statue.

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