Shit Theory

Ok before you go gross – let me tell you this shit is not for everyone to handle.

This is a different shit. This theory is woven around modern day corporate

culture – but at times is and can be applicable to personal life situations as

well….coz shit is no different.

So without further ado – first let me state the theory.

Life is full of shit.Deal with it.Dont complain about it.Dont go looking for newer shit – chances are that could be deeper shit.Essentially shit is the same everywhere, shapes,size or color may alter a bit – but it still is shit.Dont get fooled. The idea is to master your own shit and rise above it.

If you are still reading this…then I am guessing you will want to know the reference to context.

This is the aha – moment.

Well in the above theory, just replace the word shit with the word opportunity’  – see how it fits the bill.?

In life we always look for opportunities, in all aspects of our lives dont we? this theory tells you to realize that the situation you are in currently is your opportunity – this is your chance  – so make the most of it – instead of hop skip and jump.

Maximize your opportunity.make the most of it – and you will see that it will trigger benefits.Economies of scale accrue to people who stick around.In this day and age when everyone is looking to move on to another role at every given opportunity please realize there are a set of people who chose not to move and they are not necessarily at the losing end. Staying put in one place has it s own share of merits.

Of course this does not mean you are going to stay put even if you hit a dead end and see no solution. One has to be careful.Matter of career choices or a career path is tricky.So make sure you have worked out the math of letting go off the new opportunity, not only in terms of money, but mental peace as well.

You can not be in a state of regret no matter what decision you make or take.All I am trying to state is staying back with the same opportunity can sometimes prove to be really a blessing in disguise.! more so because situations outside arent not going to be any different.

Like one of my friends quit and joined another big company with a fancy job title – Strategic Business Readiness Head or something to that effect – essentially the job revolved around generating xl reports for all of management. !!! Which in his previous  job – he had his assistant do it ! Ok I am exaggerating a bit – but I guess you get the drift. Dont get fooled by fancy job titles.

Some of other guys joined similar roles in different companies – they complained the same shit in as little as 6 months time.! Yes the money was more..but the pain that came along with it was also more.So you take a pick.IF you can handle or deal with increased pain and insecurity then maybe you will take that new opportunity.

People are just the same everywhere – from Boston to Budapest, From Tokyo to Toronto from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, ok maybe not the last one, but essentially you realise that people operate within the same brackets everywhere. So strictly speaking a new job does not always equate to a new environment.Unless of course you chose to do a heterogeneous job.

So the SHIT theory stays put. [no pun intended]







3 thoughts on “Shit Theory

  1. The post made perfect sense, but then I replaced the word “opportunity” with something else! 😛

    PS: Honestly, a sensible post.

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