Are you special ?

I read somewhere that the most successful CEO’s of today are marathon runners.It shows grit, determination,discipline and of course running ability. Then I realized, not just the CEOs but you and me are running as well, just like Forest Gump. now Mr.Gump was special even before he set out running. Eventually,Mr.Gump did find what he was looking for and then turned back, but unlike him there are many who have never turned back, in fact some have jumped off the cliff.

There is a race going on in this world. the race to be perfect,the race to be the best, the race to be something special.Something special that the other one is not.Something so special that the other can only dream about.Something unattainable by the people around you.Those people who make you feel that if you do not do something special then you re worthless.Those people who themselves are in this race to specialty.

In this race,sometimes, people forget the basics.They forget where they came from, what they came for, and what they have become.They just keep running.Sometimes not even knowing if it is in the right direction.Why? Because there is so little time and so much to do.What if you don’t reach ? You don’t know the destination but you can’t take a chance can you?So keep running.

There is competition to run from and ahead of, there is emotional baggage to run away from,there are relationships to run into and escape from, there are deals to be won,money to be made,there is poverty to avoid and happiness to be bought.There are cars to buy,planes to fly, hotels to party  and bills to pay. So is running not smart? Is running faster not a better idea?Reaching their first is the goal isn’t it? Traveling the shortest distance to the end objective is defined as success,rest everything is pointless,meaningless.

So in this race to the finish,some get burnt,most get exhausted, and all get affected in someway or the other.But the bigger loss is losing yourself, your originality or individuality.This race to become what you are not takes a toll on your mind body and soul.So take a step back, relax and choose a path where you can be with yourself and yet reach the destination without losing yourself. Without having to worry what people will say or someone will think. Yes this is called self-help for some and for some it is selfish.

There is nothing wrong in thinking about yourself and resetting your goals to what you want to do instead of running a mindless race endlessly.Take pleasure in the fact that you did something on your own choice, and enjoyed doing it, nurtured yourself and it made you into a better human being.











4 thoughts on “Are you special ?

  1. After reading about ‘Racing on’ – the thought of ‘Its Journey that matters than the Destination’ came to me. So, I thought isn’t it good that we keep on Racing after all its the journey. Though you made the point – One can’t loose oneself then only he can exist to enjoy the journey.
    Even I feel Selfish mostly running the races.

    • Running aimlessly,pointlessly,without really knowing why is a futile excercise. Chasing your dreams is another story altogether.

      • Yeah its futile without any goals. But many a times I find some of my peers having perpetual shifting of goals.I think they have got addicted to the journey.

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