They say don’t take too much stress. It has got to be the most visible  cliché of our times isn’t it ? Yet the same people happily saddle you with more stress…and you take it upon you to save the world. Guess what ? The world will still keep spinning if you hadn’t.

So what happens if you do not take too much stress? Have you thought about it? I think the answer lies in the fact that you need to stop fearing the consequences about a particular activity and enjoy the act of doing it. Now if the act of doing it is in itself a stress inducing exercise, then you need to change that activity without fearing consequences.

I am not suggesting you be reckless here. I am not suggesting careless hasty decisions to quit a job or a task or a project. I am asking you to think of why you dislike what you do – and if you dislike it so much why are you doing it in the first place? Why not change? What stops you? Again consequences ? Or the lack of control over change? What bothers you emotionally and what bothers you objectively needs to be treated separately.

Emotional decisions are often retracted at a later point, but the damage might already have been done. Objective decisions eliminate false alarms and make you focus on the real deal. Yes, there still could be a surprise for all you know. But guess what – you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take! Right? So stop getting stressed all the time and learn to look beyond. If you don’t have a macro view of your life then seek guidance, seek help or just introspect.

If you firmly believe in YOLO – then it will put your thought process in order. Fundamentally, only  a few can lay claim to have a perfect contended life. So don’t get stressed. You’re still with majority. Instead try to enjoy what you have and keep striving for better – but without getting stressed out. Imagine a life where you almost have everything you ever wished for – but are too stressed to enjoy it or savor it – that’s the last thing you want !

So go out there and do what you really want to do and make it work for you.






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