You know most of the stress originates from the fact it is self created and you have no one to vent it to. You signed up for it. If you signed up for it – then you give up the right to crib about it. So get on with it. Besides,If you can’t handle it – go somewhere else. Brutal ? But true.

We tend to take up so much performance pressure,as if it is simply the end of the world. Well guess what – world will just be the way it was – it will keep spinning the way it was. Its only you who will move.So wake up and smell the cappuccino.Get real. Lose the fear of failure. De stress your life.Learn to enjoy the moment. I know you ve heard all of this before – but the fact is come Monday morning you get back into your self created stressed up world.

Learn to say NO. Its okay to say no you can’t do it. its okay to not know every damn thing around you. Doing your job well does not require you to lose your work life balance.Manage your time better. look back into your everyday calendar and see how much time you spent per activity and where are the areas you could compress and free up some time.Efficiency dcreases if your mind is perpetually preoccupied and fatigued.

This does not mean you take your job lightly. This does not mean you  become less responsible. This does not mean you become less efficient. All you need to do is prioritize what needs to be done and pace it well. If there is too much to handle, pause take break and seek help.Don’t try to solve the world’s hunger problem in one day. Collaborate. Talk to people. Laugh and enjoy the world around you.

Life is good.So get one.




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