Building a team is like constructing your own house.  Earning their trust is like making it a home.

Lets take two leaders as an example Thakur and Gabbar.

Thakur in his heydays never really found time to build a team.He was busy doing his job and getting along in life,until shit hit the fan.His leadership style underwent a forced change. As a result Thakur went into a mode of cause and effect. He had to what he had to do.Desperate times call for desperate measures. His fundamental premise of building a team was crisis.

Results continued to suffer till he got the right combination.He had to play the emotion card to get the team to rally behind him.After so many quarters of missing the target,he had depleted his corpus and gave away little or no incentives to the support staff.Only the star players got everything. Again a very wrong and stress inducing strategy.

The dependence of two MVP’s meant that they could pretty much make or break his forecast.They could and they did to  some extent,toy with his business. Thakur could do nothing about it since he had never developed a succession plan or mitigated the risks by developing other team members. Its like depending on one large deal to make your numbers. Bad donut. He even had a faulty campus hire strategy, in  Ahmer (Imam’s Shaheb’s son) – who had no training whatsoever, (could be a wrong hire in the first place! Bad recruitment briefing) and the results were there to see.

On the other hand you have Gabbar. He hired people for only one purpose, one focus. He also constantly hired in spite of a low attrition.He built a circle of trust, Sambha and Kalia and strictly followed the principle of “if you are not growing -you are dying”, quite literally in the case of the latter. He set an example that even the top performer could be punished -no one was above the law, well Gabbar’s law.

It also meant that his business was not dependent on one person i.e. MVP or the Top performer. His business was process dependent. So in spite of losing three of his top performers ,he still managed to meet his village plundering target for the month. This strategy meant that the entire workforce was united in growing the business.

He had an aggressive incentive structure.He paid rich dividends to his team and shared the wins.He kept the team morale high with parties,dances and offsites.The general sentiment and mood of the team was that of enjoying their work.People just loved being in his team.

He built a home.

Which leader would you rather be?

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