Hari Sadu – The Good Boss

Often times I see we get too caught up being politically correct and loose sight of the ground realities.So at the risk of sounding politically incorrect , allow me share what I think a leader should have.
1.Conviction – I think a leader should be convinced intrinsically about his company,his people,his product or service offerings.Absolute conviction yields to absolute results.
2.Straight Cut – If a business plan is crappy,it is crappy.Period. Call spade a spade.A Leader needs to let his sub’s know that they should be prepared for the real deal – no fluff or wise use of words will or could or should get them through.
Tough talk yields real results.
3.Connect Balance – A true compliment for a leader is when people from level 1 – 9 in the hierarchy say they connect with him on a different level !
An ear on the ground yields to timely course correction, which leads to sustained productivity,
4.Mind Ticker – A leader needs to think about the new bell curve at all levels and in all areas of his responsibility.He has to keep ahead in the thought process,be a thought leader in a
true sense.
A forward thinking yields to constant growth.
5.Risky Business – It is not about de-risking all the time.Sometimes a leader has to take calculated risks.run pilot projects and see which idea could be the next paradigm shift. Today’s risk yields to tomorrows niche.
6.Hire diversity. – A leader needs to have a rainbow around him.Some who will fall in line, some who will rebel, some execute,some who think out of the box etc etc.A leader will always needs each of these attributes to run the organization successfully. A homogeneous mind yields to a depleting marginal utility,
7.Invest in the Middle – A leader needs to invest in people,but more towards people who form the plateau of the bell curve of productivity.This is against the 80/20 rule.If a leader can make that into a 60/40, risks will be lower and productivity higher. A higher degree of individual ownership yields to higher profits,over longer time.
8.Fearless Failure. – A leader cannot fear failure. A true test of character and mental strength is fighting back and winning.A strong belief system needs to be a part of ecosystem. A fearless individual yields to a glorious champion.
9.Chaos Creator – A leader needs to create chaos to awaken people from their comfort zone. A leader needs to do this even for himself.If you are not growing you are dying. A ticking mind yields to a ticking revenue counter !
10. Integral Balance – A leader needs to know when to let go.Holding on to people,carrying mental baggage or investing in a turnaround needs to be well timed thought out and planned. A good mix of new talent yields to better productivity with old talent.

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