The Smug Identity

Think Garfield. Think Dilton Doiley or may be even Salman Rushdie. While there is no comparison of their individual accomplishments or capabilities, however, they have one thing in common – The Smug look! Typically defined as half opened eyes, a bored expression, and if you’re lucky – a lop sided grin. They have this “I know” look right through the day and even when they are sleeping they know about their dreams already.

I come across these smug people everyday, in every corner of life and it makes me wonder what makes them smug? Is it by design or by default? Can they do something about it or they can’t or more importantly,they don’t want to? One would be tempted to believe that they are snooty and snobbish without  needing to put in so much effort or does it just come naturally? And does it come naturally because they know that they are good ? But how do they know that they are good? Its because they can do something others can’t ? Or they can do something better than others. Or they do it just to be different?

We live in a world where over communication is normal.The struggle to be noticed is high. People have different ways to express themselves and being smug could be one of them. It would certainly attract attention in a place where restlessness rules the roost. There are those who don’t really care, those that have a very low need for approval, they too can have the smug look. In times of crisis the ones who remain calm get to find the exit soonest.

On the other hand, the innocent smug, ie who just can’t help but look like that, get easily misunderstood. Herd mentality is a driving force that engulfs our society. This essentially means that if you don’t look the same way the rest do, or react the same way to a situation as the rest of them do, then you are most likely to be the “outstanding” party. That triggers off a lasting perception in your environment and depending upon how much you care , the people’s view around you takes shape as a permanent fixture.

Breaking out of that perception is a huge battle. It only multiplies and it becomes increasingly difficult to make headway or go back. So essentially you get stuck. Unless of course if you do magic! Which, as you know is not the ideal strategy to have. So what does one do in such circumstances?  Most look for another job or location, while some have found success in addressing it head on.However if none of it works, then trying to change yourself and be like them. You see, fundamental if you really cannot mould yourself to the way the world works around you, then you are better off doing something on your own. But if you have chosen to be in the proverbial rat race, then you are not going to win it being a sweet guinea pig are you?